Litigation Support


Success in court is the result of preparing the best case and, more importantly, presenting the case in a way the court will understand. Our staff possess Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) and Chartered Financial Analyst designations and has the knowledge and experience to prepare a compelling case.

Courts, specifically jurors, cannot make logical decisions based on evidence they don’t understand. Beyond knowledge and experience, BVG experts have the ability to explain technical concepts in a manner lay persons can comprehend. Having testified in numerous court cases, BVG experts possess an enviable record of success.

We offer financial reporting support for the following:

Damage Assessment

Our valuations have been used in connection with assessing value loss attributable to damage.

Shareholder Disputes

Our valuations have been used to resolve conflicts arising between shareholders of privately-held companies.


Our valuations have been used to help resolve marital disputes related to privately-held business interests.


Our valuations have been used in connection with bankruptcy proceedings and decisions.

Business Interruption

Our valuations have been used to help determine value lost as a result of an interruption in business or destruction.

Intellectual Property

We offer valuations which help support litigation disputes related to intangible value of intellectual property.