Corporate Finance

Corporate management, while accountable, is coming under ever increasing scrutiny by the IRS, SEC, U.S. Department of Labor and shareholders. We have the expertise and experience to produce thorough independent valuations to mitigate the risk associated with corporate actions including restructuring, mergers and acquisitions.

Financial Reporting

Valuations for financial reporting are complex and ever changing. Rules change and the SEC, policy makers, investors and accounting professionals are reviewing valuations with increasing scrutiny. We have the expertise and experience to produce independent valuations that will withstand such scrutiny.

Litigation Support

Success in court is the result of preparing the best case and, more importantly, presenting the case in a way the court will understand. Our staff possess Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) and Chartered Financial Analyst designations and has the knowledge and experience to prepare a compelling case.

Courts, specifically jurors, cannot make logical decisions based on evidence they don’t understand. Beyond knowledge and experience, BVG experts have the ability to explain technical concepts in a manner lay persons can comprehend. Having testified in numerous court cases, BVG experts possess an enviable record of success.

Tax Compliance

Unsupported valuations run the risk of an IRS audit. Audits can result in unnecessary stress and expense. We protect our clients and safeguard their assets by providing supportable, thorough and unbiased analysis to meet IRS guidelines in every valuation.

BVG has assisted clients in protecting assets for over 14 years and many BVG professionals have more than 20 years experience. In addition, our monitoring of market discount studies, Federal Tax Court cases and current valuation techniques keeps us current with tax-related valuation changes. Having performed over 800 market discount studies, our record with the IRS is enviable.